Backyard Home

It's Halloween


Two shows tonight... Here's what you need to know...


The venue:


The Old Town Quarry South Road WsM Bs23 2LU


Don't forget, there is no parking onsite unless you have requested disabled access.


Food and drink is available to buy on site.


Hocus Pocus


This is a family showing so all 'adults' please behave :O) and smoking is only allowed near the bar


Gates will open at 4pm

Film will start at 5pm


Evil Dead


Over 18's only you maybe asked for ID if you look too beautiful.


Gates will open at 7 / 7.30pm

Film will start at 9pm


You are always all amazing at leaving quickly, quietly and tidily (it's a residential area and nature reserve) but this time in particular, if we could ask you to plan to bring your rubbish etc up to the bins as you leave that would be awesome


If you need us facebook us


Can't wait to see your gorgeous faces x